Oct 1, 2022

Are lash extensions right for you?


alse eyelashes began as a trend in the 1930s, when Hollywood’s famed actresses made their peepers pop with loads of lashes to bat at their leading men. Lashes emerged again as the go-to look in the 1960s, but both of these eras boasted falsies that were glued on as a strip or individually for a daily or one-time use. It wasn’t until the 1990s and into the 2000s that semi-permanent lash extensions became a staple look.

Now more than ever, people are investing in extensions for a wake up and glam look every day.

Always do your research when finding a lash artist that is right for you. Checking credentials and getting personal references are key. A lash artist must have an esthetics license in the state of Florida, and you would most likely want someone that has also been through a reputable lash course.

Lash Types

Lashes come in different lengths, curl, weight and type. The three types of lashes used are silk, mink and synthetic. They all have a similar look and feel, and your lash studio may or may not advertise what they use – it is typically up to the preference of the lash artist.

The health of your natural lash will depend on what length, curl and weight is used. It is best to find an artist that checks the natural lashes during each fill to make sure that they aren’t getting broken or damaged from the extensions. As a client, it is OK to ask your artist about the process to ensure the integrity of your lashes remains a priority.

At Your Appointment

Before the lash application, it is best to know what to expect. Come with clean, freshly washed eyes – free of makeup and oil. Your extensions will go on smooth and have longer retention if your existing lashes are clean for each fill. To prep your eyes, the bottom lashes must be secured with a gel pad or medical grade tape and the eyes remain closed throughout the service.

Lash extensions are then dipped in a tiny bit of glue and placed on each of your natural lashes with tweezers. Classic lashes are a lash on a lash, volume lashes are multiple lashes or fans attached to a natural lash and hybrid lashes are a mix of both. A full set of lashes can take two hours or more to complete. Lash fills are every two to three weeks and take 45 minutes to an hour and a half. The fills are necessary because as your natural lash sheds like normal, the extension goes with the lash and new lashes are constantly growing in.

Not everyone can wear lash extensions. There will be a small percentage of people that have a reaction to the glue and develop itchy, read and swollen eyes. Lashes can be removed within about 20 minutes and the symptoms do go away rather quickly, but always see a professional lash artist for removal. If you attempt to take the lashes off yourself, you will most likely pull your natural lashes out with the extensions. Always make sure you have a way to reach your lash artist in case you develop a reaction. Sometimes this happens right away and sometimes it takes months or even years.


Extensions can vary in price. Typically, the cost is $150 to $250 for a full set and $75 and up for fills. When deciding to take the lash plunge or not, consider the time and cost. Lashes are a regular commitment in order to keep them looking full and fresh. But, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-lashed without the headache of putting on mascara?

Leslie Peck is a local makeup artist, aesthetician and lash artist with almost two decades of experience. She has worked 11 seasons of NYC Fashion Week as well as several beauty shoots while living in New York City. Leslie also has experience in TV, film, print and celebrity makeup in Los Angeles. She specializes in bridal makeup, skincare education and was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in 2007.