Oct 1, 2022
Worth the Trip

Escape To The Island Oasis Of Key Biscayne


s the oldest structure in Miami-Dade, the lighthouse is a time capsule containing an immense amount of Florida history. First erected in 1825, the Cape Florida Light has survived nearly 200 years of erosion, dozens of hurricanes, an attack by native Seminole Native Americans, and an explosion of lantern oil and gun powder. Yet, through all the tribulation, she still stands. When the lighthouse was originally built, she guided sailors around the Florida reef helping them avoid an unfortunate accident. Today, we’ve renovated her into a cultural landmark and added her to the National Register of Historic Places.

From the top, a wrap-around balcony supplies a legendary view over Key Biscayne. In the north onlookers get a view of world-famous Miami Beach. To the east swirls the Atlantic Ocean, home to dolphins, stingrays and manatees. In the south, the floating homes of Stiltsville are still visible standing over the water. And in the west, adventure seekers capture an unparalleled view of vibrant Cape Florida and Key Biscayne.


Nestled on the island of Key Biscayne, just minutes from downtown Miami, is a luxurious Ritz-Carlton that is ready to take your cares away. While Key Biscayne feels like a small, tucked away village, the Ritz-Carlton is a sprawling property with a 25,000-square-foot spa, multiple buildings, pools, restaurants and bars located along the Atlantic Ocean with a Caribbean feel.

This is a place where you want to take your time and spend your time.

The spa offers pretty much every service you could want and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I think I had one of the best massages of my life there. When my new best friend finished working out the years of tension I’ve worked hard to build up in my shoulders, my familiar neck and head pain were non-existent. Being so free from tension made me want to stay that way, so I took time to enjoy the eucalyptus steam room, a sauna, whirlpool and even the vitamin C-infused shower -because I needed some vitamin C before heading outside to get some vitamin D.

I then took a leisurely stroll through the grounds and arrived at one of the pools with an outdoor restaurant and bar. There was just something about the vibe that made me order something I don’t usually get - a Pina Colada. I don’t usually go for sweet drinks, so after I had a few sips and got that splurge out of my system, the very kind bartender swapped it out for a delicious, handmade margarita to go with my guac and salsa.

Next up, my husband and I had our choice of the family pool, couples only pool or the Atlantic beach. The hotel has plenty of restaurants and retail and the nearby village has both as well. If you’re looking to get more active, you’re not far from golf, tennis or the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

Key Biscayne is just the escape we needed, when we needed it.