Jun 1, 2024

Happy picnics, happy lives: Pensacola Picnic Co. offers boutique picnic services

As owner of the boutique picnic service Pensacola Picnic Co., Mariann Greene specializes in crafting luxury picnics and offering custom, one-of-a-kind dining experiences

As soon as Mariann Greene parks her white Jeep Wrangler at a beach parking lot just west of Portofino on Pensacola Beach, she jumps out and carefully unloads her goods into a beach cart with wheels — items unlike anything coming from another car nearby with a boatload of kids, shovels and pails, faded beach chairs and bruised ice chest.

Greene’s inventory: White rose flower arrangement. White cotton blanket. Blue velvety pillows for seating. Blue linen napkins. Stoneware plates. Silverware. Glassware. Blue taper candles. While pillar candles. Blue and clear twinkle lights. Large table crafted with rustic pallets. White loop table runner. White fringed umbrella. Cooler full of fresh bread, charcuterie, and drinks.

It’s just another day on the job for Greene, owner of boutique picnic service Pensacola Picnic Co.

A typical custom picnic is set up early mornings or at sunset and lasts about two hours, Greene explained. Clients choose their colors and some personal preferences, while Greene curates and orchestrates events by selecting from her ever-growing inventory and working with local businesses.

Some of her favorite vendors: Kate’s Cakes Pensacola, Boards by Jas, Olive to Nosh, The Hippie’s Greenhouse, Hemstitch Rentals, Events Styled by LUXE, Glow Paddle and Navarre Beach Paddle.

And she can design spectacular picnics “anywhere you like,” including the beach, parks, and even your home garden, for any occasion. She’s mastered kids’ parties, birthdays, date nights, engagements, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, wedding rehearsals, weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, company retreats and celebrations for special days such as Valentine’s Day.

“From Spring Break until November, I do five to six picnics a week,” Greene said. “It’s a lot of work, but it doesn’t feel like I am working. I just love doing picnics for people because it’s always so special, and everyone seems to love it.”

She gets to put other talents to work, too.

“It’s also great because I get to use my skills as a professional event planner and photographer — jobs I did in Pinehurst, North Carolina, while my husband was in the Army.”

When Greene, her husband, Jon, 13-year-old daughter, Makenzie, and 16-year-old son, MJ, moved to Pensacola in 2020 after Jon retired from the military, it was all hands on the picnic basket. All three help Greene when needed. Since what started out as just a picnic service progressed to offering multiple services, Greene often needs more helping hands.

“I truly love spending time with my kids,” Greene said. “This allows me to bring them along and enjoy them and work at the same time. I think they’ve learned a lot from watching me build this business to what it is today, and that is invaluable.”

All of Greene’s hard work is admirable, said Pensacolian Annie Williams, a Pensacola Picnic Co. customer and fan.

“I cannot say enough about Mariann’s character or mention enough how much I appreciate her kindness,” Williams said. “She did our engagement photos/picnic, our save-the-dates and I even managed to snag her to decorate our wedding this fall. I trust her talent and intuition implicitly. She makes communicating with her easy with multiple platforms, depending on what you are comfortable with and has always been quick to respond.”

Williams has precious memories from one special picnic.

“Our engagement picnic on the beach was so romantic and well put together,” she said. “All of the little details and extras made the moment for us, and we genuinely could have sat there for the rest of the evening. I absolutely loved that she snapped those first moments of the proposal, and then gave us time to enjoy the moment, the ambiance … a moment we wish we could relive over and over.”

Williams is not the only one impressed with Greene and her company. Pensacola Picnic Co. has received rave reviews and PR from Visit Pensacola, various Northwest Florida visitor centers, on Facebook and Instagram, and has been highlighted in several publications.

“Visit Florida has reached out to me to do a video for them,” Greene said. “I am so blessed. This business of making memories is bringing me and my family so much joy.”

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