Jul 1, 2024

How do you chill?

We surveyed Bella readers to find out how they “chill” in the summer. Retreat with a book, take a dip, vacation in a favorite spot, sneak away for a well-earned pedi on a lunch break? What turns down the heat for you? Here is what a few of our readers say works for them.  Visit our Facebook page to share your favorite “chill” ideas with us at facebook.com/pensacolabella.

Pool floating with a book and margarita.

— Patricia Franklin

Downtown and East Hill are nice areas to ride bikes on a Sunday afternoon. There are so many local places to stop by and grab a refreshment or snack along your route. Hub Stacey’s, Badland’s, Winebar, just to name a few.

— Lindy Hurd, business development manager,

First International Title

I love to chill in the summer on my sailboat, relax in the gorgeous sand on Pensacola Beach or have drinks with fabulous girlfriends! We are blessed to have so many ways to relax in this Emerald Coast paradise!

— Julie Duvall, executive assistant,

The Dickson Team, Cornerstone Mortgage Solutions

For me, there’s nothing better than enjoying the long summer nights outdoors. One of my favorite ways to beat the heat is going for leisurely bike rides or paddle boarding in the calm waters of the Gulf when the sun starts to set. There’s something incredibly relaxing about being out on the water or cruising through neighborhoods with the warm evening breeze. Staying active while taking in the sights and sounds of summer is my ideal way to turn down the heat and recharge my batteries. Those tranquil nights make the blazing summer days totally worth it!

— Alejandra Ryan, customer success mentor and agency owner, Altius Marketing

Chilling with my toes in the sand and sipping a cold drink, feeling the gulf air blowing is the perfect way for me to relax, unwind and re-energize.

— Jennifer Harrison, owner/CEO,

Gulf Coast Premier Promotions

Tubing on Coldwater Creek!

— Carolyn Fries, director of workforce development, CareerSource ESCAROSA