Dec 1, 2022

Must See Mirrors

For a time, the visual appeal of a mirror was only that of its reflection. Whether looking at ourselves or at our comfortable surroundings, the mirror has become an ever-increasing focal point of home design.

“Mirrors and specifically interesting mirrors are placed in every project. To us they are sculptural pieces of art - even in a bathroom,” said Cheryl Kees Clendenon, creative director of In Detail Interiors. “Not chosen to simply reflect back your image, but to be enjoyed on their own singular merit. Mirrors also reflect light in a room and other features in the room.”

Clendenon also shared a professional tip when choosing the perfect spot for these pieces of art.

“When you place a mirror in a space, consider what you see reflected when you first glance at the mirror. This is as important as the mirror placement itself.”

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