Oct 1, 2023
Body & Soul

Navigating wellness beyond conventions


In the realm of holistic wellness, Tammy Copley emerges as a passionate advocate for nutritional and natural practices. Her growth toward vitality and empowerment began with a diagnosis that could have shattered her spirit. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, Copley embarked on a remarkable path of healing and self-discovery, embracing unconventional approaches to health and well-being.

Copley’s research into holistic wellness was borne out of an intense quest for knowledge. Hours spent watching documentaries, reading books and engaging with experts, including physicians, formed the foundation of her health insights. She champions a holistic approach, emphasizing juicing, intermittent fasting, detoxification and intentional self-care as cornerstones of achieving and maintaining health.

“I learned there are many reasons for a cancer diagnosis, and I decided this was a wakeup call to take better care of myself, not a death sentence,” Copley asserted. Her realization that stress and emotional pain can contribute to disease underscores the intricate connection between mind and body. She diligently works to cultivate emotional well-being, seeking peaceful relationships and harmony.

Rebuilding her compromised immune system emerged as an immediate priority.

“My immune system was compromised for cancer to thrive, and the treatments only made it weaker,” Copley shared.

This led her to a clinic where a comprehensive blood panel identified deficiencies in iron, vitamin D and other indicators that she had been exposed to environmental elements known to cause various health issues. Through supplementation and innovative treatments, she succeeded in normalizing these factors within a year.

The following year brought the challenge of hormone balance, prompting Copley to explore natural solutions. One way she felt she was able to improve that balance was with the natural supplement DHEA.

The pain in her arm, a lingering reminder of eight removed cancerous lymph nodes, became a catalyst for dietary change. Limiting sugar and dairy intake, coupled with the addition of alkaline water to her diet, alleviated inflammation and discomfort. Embracing alkaline water as a daily staple, Copley emphasizes the significance of maintaining an alkaline environment within the body to deter disease.

A pivotal insight emerged for Copley: cancer’s affinity for sugar and animal protein. This led her to embrace a predominantly plant-based diet, aligning her nutritional choices with her commitment to holistic wellness.

“This is surely a journey and not a destination.... I am still learning and growing in trying to build new habits,” she said.

Copley maintains that post-cancer life has brought greater physical well-being due to her focused self-care regimen. Her work as an owner at Homeland Neighborhood Management, a role demanding long periods of computer-based work, only amplified the importance of adding physical activity to a sedentary lifestyle. While her professional life revolves around HOA management and accounting, her personal experience underscores the value of alternative treatments and proactive self-care.

Copley reports that a session with Margie Kalaluhi at Heart Centered Wellness, a Pensacola-based alternative and holistic health service, released her from negative emotions she had been carrying and left her feeling balanced and stable.

“I believe she helped me be in the present and release some old trauma emotions that I didn’t even realize were still affecting me,” Copley said.

This information is based on the personal experiences and perspectives of Tammy Copley, who has no formal medical training. Readers are advised to consult qualified medical professionals before making any health-related decisions.


*Drink half of your body weight daily from a good water source.

*Limit sugars, meats, dairy and processed and fried foods.

*Take supplements such as vitamin C powder and turmeric, which may reduce inflammation.

*Find a source for monthly IV hydration treatment.  

*Look into natural hormone balancing, essential oils and herbs that support healing.

*Have regular chiropractic treatments to improve your overall health.

*Balance your mind, body and spirit while removing any toxic relationships.

*Detox your body and make sure your digestive system is functioning properly.

*Be as active as possible. Reduce stress and sleep at least eight hours each night.

*Reduce chemicals in your environment, such as having air filters running to clean the air in your home and vehicle.

*Find a work/life balance that creates happiness for you.

*Take responsibility for your health and find what works best for you as there are many natural resources available.