Jan 1, 2023

New Space, clean slate


here’s a joke about Pensacola weather: we have summer and we have not-summer. Sure, the “not-summer” can include some pretty spectacular conditions, hence our adoration for outdoor festivals. But it can also include some pretty chilly weather, which sometimes makes you just want to hibernate at home, perhaps by a cozy fire. What if we could have the best of both worlds? A warm refuge with outdoor ambiance. John and Silvia Switzer have done just that with their waterfront homes on Pensacola Bay. “Humans should be connected to nature,” Silvia said. “I think people forget that we’re living with nature. ”When the couple deconstructed the original 1902 Elizabethan structure on the property to build their current home, they had a clean slate. While the home itself hosts a number of custom features, the Switzers were deliberately using components from the original house. One of the components was a mantle for the outdoor fireplace that is the centerpiece to the environmentally-friendly backyard, including an eco-pool and an organic garden, even down to the pest control. Natural yards need some upkeep, naturally, but Silvia explained it’s good for the mind, body and soul. “It’s good for your mental health. Sure, it takes a little bit of care, but it’s therapeutic. ”She added that the milder weather in the fall and winter makes it easier to maintain. And speaking of this time of year, the sun sets at the perfect point for optimal bay views. Experiencing a little “not-summer” weather? Click on the gas fireplace, lounge with a blanket or a book or maybe invite over some family and friends for wine and s’mores. Or Simply lounge in a chaise and reflect on your 2023 goals and resolutions and the exciting things on your clean slate