Jul 1, 2023

Rekindle Friendships at a Candle Pouring Party


Are you looking for a fun GNO, birthday party or special occasion activity?

In Detail Candle Studio is your go-to. Unlike canvas or the pottery painting parties of yore, candle making requires no artistic skill and you take home a beautiful, high-quality candle you will actually use. Conveniently located in the historic 1910 carriage house behind 1514 Home in East Hill, candle pouring classes/parties can be booked online or by phone.

Libby Kees, senior designer at In Detail Interiors and candle studio manager, was inspired to create the candle studio by a candle pouring shop she saw in Nashville. The carriage house had been used for storage, but she felt a candle studio would be a great fit for the space.

At a candle pouring class, you will be able to choose your vessel, lid and scent before you are led through the pouring process. All candles are made with ethically sourced premium ingredients: the wax is a luxurious vegan blend made of natural apricot and coconut and the wicks are clean burning, eco-friendly wooden wicks that produce a relaxing soft crackle when lit. The luxury fragrance blends are expertly paired to create a multi-dimensional scent.

Candle pouring classes usually take about 45 minutes and can be booked for four to 10 people (or more if you want to stagger the sittings while guests hang out and party until it’s their turn). The cost is $50 per person. Beverages and snacks are not included but can be brought in. Add-ons for a floral bar, juice bar (bring your own champagne) and balloon arches are available for your party plan. Kees or Gabrielle Thomas, retail design director and events coordinator, are available to discuss your party ideas and help you create a memorable experience.

If you want a high-quality candle but don’t want to sit for the class, you can create a custom candle for $32.Choose your scent and vessel and the In Detail Candle Studio will do the work for you. Also, you can bring back your original vessel and it can be refilled with the scent of your choice for $20.