Feb 1, 2024

"Rock the Runway,” a Pensacola Opera Fundraiser

The Pensacola Opera plans to blow your artsy minds with a star-studded, ground-breaking, musical fashion-fusion event — “Rock the Runway” — Feb. 22 at Vinyl Music Hall, not a venue you expect to see opera stars.

Featuring cast members of New York’s musical “Rock Me Amadeus Live,” a fashion runway will resound with iconic rock and pop songs from your favorite bands of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, melding with operatic masterpieces to create an electrifying experience unlike any seen in Pensacola, said Chandra McKern, Pensacola Opera’s general director.

“Rock the Runway is centered around world-renowned operatic soprano Alyson Cambridge,” McKern explained. “Cambridge co-created and co-produced ‘Rock Me Amadeus Live.’”

Featuring designs inspired by iconic opera heroines and curated by local boutiques, the evening will marry the worlds of music and fashion in a way that is visually stunning and artistically inspiring, McKern said.

“Rock the Runway will not be a typical fashion show; it will be fashion theater,” McKern added.

Anticipate an exhilarating show, a composite of opera costumes created by Wardrobe Witchery and looks inspired by four to five opera characters from local boutiques and stores.

“Set assumptions aside, and plan to be mesmerized by what talented individuals, brought together, can cook up to entertain the community,” McKern said. “There will be a higher level of production value associated with this event; so, it will not be a standard fashion show, it will be an experience.”

All proceeds from “Rock the Runway” will directly support professional opera performances and education programs that enrich the culture of our community, McKern said.

Exciting Fusion of Rock, Opera & Fashion

What: “Rock the Runway,” a Pensacola Opera Fundraiser

When: 7 p.m., Feb. 22

Where: Vinyl Music Hall, 2 South Palafox St., Pensacola

Tickets: $150. VIP tickets include unlimited bar and VIP Afterparty immediately following the show.

Details: For updated information and tickets, call

850-433-6737 or visit www.pensacolaopera.com.