Nov 1, 2022
Body & Soul

Surf & turf FITness brings the workout to you


he excuses to avoid working out can get quite creative. But, if you’re favorite excuse is “the gym is too far,” Tiffany Bearden has taken that cop out off the table.

In May of 2021, Bearden boldly launched her mobile gym business, Surf & Turf FITness.

“It started with the idea of doing paddleboarding guided tours, and then when the virus hit that kind of shut that down,” Bearden said. “So, then I had time to kind of revamp and rethink it. And I said, ‘you know, I love being fit and doing activities like paddleboarding and skateboarding,’ and I had friends that started telling me I should look at doing a gym.”

Not being one to keep it small or do what’s already been done, Bearden’s idea was something more unique.

“My concept got bigger and then I brainstormed on how I could integrate it in a way that I could make it convenient for stay-at-home moms since I’ve been one for so long,” she said. “And I understood that the value of time, and so it kind of snowballed from there and I got really creative with it.”

She decided a trailer with the gym equipment and with paddleboards that could go to people instead of them coming to her was the answer to the problems she was trying to solve for people.

The gym comes to you.

She began sketching out her idea for a trailer as well as what she was going to put in it and what she wanted to provide other than just personal training.

“I just prefer working out outdoors so that’s what inspired the mobile gym,” Bearden said. “And I often say, ‘I think outside of the gym.’”

From concept to design, it was all bom out Bearden’s passion for fitness, the outdoors and getting the gym to people. She worked the “surf and turf’ idea into the name since she loves surfing and paddleboarding on the water as well as working out on land.

Bearden will bring the mobile gym to you for one-on-one training, or you can put together a small group to train together. In addition to gym equipment, she has paddleboards and unique items such as lighted land paddling and Indo Board classes.

“I’m loving what I do. I am definitely in my bliss.”

Personal training classes are $35 for 30 minutes, packages are available. A 60-minute, guided paddleboarding tour is $50. For more information, call Tiffany at 850-207-9844 or search for “Surf & Turf FITness ” on Facebook.