Nov 1, 2023
Body & Soul

Breaking Fitness and Nutrition Comfort Zones

"by stretching our boundaries in fitness and nutrition, we not only optimize our physical health but also can reveal a brand new reservoir of strength, heightened commitment and resilience."

Breaking out of our comfort zones is oftentimes daunting and a bit scary! Embarking on a wellness journey requires more than just a few tweaks to our daily routine; it often involves stepping into uncharted territory. However, by stretching our boundaries in fitness and nutrition, we not only optimize our physical health but also can reveal a brand-new reservoir of strength, heightened commitment and resilience.

If you feel like your fitness has stalled and your diet has gotten stale, it’s time to consider ways to reinvigorate your journey.

Expanding your Boundaries in Fitness

1. Try a new sport or fitness class: Whether it’s aerial yoga, dance fitness or pickle ball, there’s a world of options that might be very different from your usual cardio or strength routine. Look up what’s currently being offered by local gyms and studios. Time to try something you’ve never done before. You just might discover muscles – physical and mental – you haven’t exercised in a while.

2. Join a local sports league: Engaging in team sports like tennis, bowling or ultimate frisbee can be a way to challenge yourself and foster community connections. Being a part of a team boasts a host of benefits including accountability and camaraderie along with the perks of being active.

3. Set a challenging fitness goal: Whether it’s running a marathon, mastering a particular yoga pose or hiking a challenging trail, setting a tangible goal can motivate you to push beyond your current limits. Seek out beginner clinics and workshops to set you up on a training path to success!

Revolutionizing Your Nutrition

1. Experiment with different diets: Explore plant-based, Mediterranean or even intermittent fasting to see how different eating patterns might benefit your body. Always do so under the guidance of a nutritionist or health expert. You just might find a new way to ensure you are properly fueling your current lifestyle.

2. Cook a new cuisine every month: Whether it’s Thai, Ethiopian, Peruvian – there are so many to choose from – trying out new cuisines can expand your palate and introduce you to beneficial nutrients and cooking methods. Cruising the web, food channels and borrowing recipes from friends are great ways to widen your culinary repertoire.

3. Take a nutrition workshop or class: Learn about fermentation, sprouting or even holistic nutrition through local workshops or online classes. You can even find workshops teaching new skills such as making your own sushi or pasta.

4. Go on a field trip: Head to your local farmers market and challenge yourself to create a true farm-to-table meal with locally sourced ingredients. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy produce in their prime, peak season while supporting local farmers.

In fitness and in nutrition, stepping outside of our comfort zone can lead to personal growth, unexpected wins and tangible health benefits. It’s not always about the most significant changes but rather the willingness to experiment, learn and adapt. By doing so, we not only revitalize our physical well-being but also stimulate our minds and enrich our lives. Exploring new workouts and cuisines can rekindle our passion for wellness, making the journey as exciting as the destination.

Leah Seacrest is a seasoned fitness industry veteran with 26 years of experience teaching individual and group fitness. Leah is passionate about inspiring people to move and she contributes as a writer for Bella Magazine, co-owns REGYMEN Fitness Pensacola and is corporate vice president of REGYMEN Fitness.