Apr 1, 2024
Pro Tips

Self-indulgence for busy women

Bella readers are known for being Beautiful Women, possessing a Sassy Attitude, who read a Smart Magazine. They are also busy! So, Bella took an informal and unscientific survey to ask some of our readers how they manage to incorporate self-indulgence into their busy lives in ways large or small. Here is what they had to say:

“A day to myself to be pampered with spa treatments, beautiful music, peace and tranquility.” — Lucy Antonetti, owner/broker, Antonetti Investment Realty LLC and certified designer staging professional, Staged & reDesigned

“Put on my headphones and close my eyes while listening to

Zen music. It takes me into meditation.”— Debbie Tullos,

retired property manager, happy Gigi

“Fresh flowers to brighten my space.” — Kathy Hubbard,

entrepreneur and community volunteer

“Really good chocolate or donuts with my work crew at Lakeview.” — Cynthia Kelsey Knifer, Lakeview Center

“Walking on my treadmill at my standup-desk while working actually does relieve stress for me.” —Teresa Bryan, mortgage loan officer, Gershman Mortgage

“Pedicure!” — Barbara MacNeil, community liaison, Loyalty Credit Union

“Sewing or reading. Sometimes I watch YouTube videos

about sewing.” — Gloria Hadley, healthcare clerk

“Getting my nails done during lunch break.” — Phebe Gaines, controller, Gum Tree Property Management

“Pick a sunny window and curl up like a cat with a cup of

hot tea and a book.” — Shelby Johnson, wife, mother and busy Nanna

“Dinner out. I don’t have to cook or clean up.” — Gina Dickinson,

CEO and owner, LURE Media Group

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Magi Thomley Williams, ACB, ALB is a corporate consultant, writer, speaker, and trainer at Thomley Consulting. She can be reached at Magi@ThomleyConsulting.com