Feb 1, 2024

The multifaceted Kara Luckett

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Kara Luckett has worked on marketing projects for such successful names as Max Factor, Cover Girl, Bonnie Bell, Sega and Buena Vista. At Nintendo she developed her creative design skills collaborating on some of the first Nintendo games.

While the characters are gender neutral, Luckett said she was successful getting them to understand that it’s not just boys who play these games.

“We made sure that girls have characters that they can identify with, so we came up with the Pink Yoshi.”

In 2021, she opened her own business, B’ Creative Media Designs.

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“My heart really is working with small businesses and nonprofits, helping them understand their target audiences and reaching them successfully,” she said.

The Birthday Party, Lifestyle Medicine Wellness Recovery and Athletes Water are a few of her current clients. She excels at teaching them to partner with other organizations for mutual support and success.

Luckett communicates directly with professionals at Google and the World Wide Web to protect against malicious code and tighten security on websites and to stop spamming and phishing fraud emails for her clients. Her goal is to provide outstanding customer service one-on-one for graphic design, websites, digital security issues, email and social media.

Luckett’s work ethic and entrepreneurial drive started early in life growing up in Camino, the Apple Capitol of California, where she worked at local apple barns.

“Every Saturday and Sunday I would make 150 to 200 caramel apples, candy apples, apple pies, apple pastries and apple cakes. Once apple season was over, my sister and I would sell homemade crafts that we made throughout the year,” she explained.

At the age of 14 or 15, Luckett had reached a height of 5 feet, 10 inches.

“They didn’t have a tall shop to go to,” she said. “I would get some patterns, mix and match the pattern pieces and design a look to fit me. I loved fashion and it was so hard to get clothes that would be long enough, or the waist fit me where it should. I would make a sketch of how I wanted an outfit to look. I would add a couple of inches to the torso, or extra darts to make the clothes fit and look more flattering.” These days she purchases well-fitting, stylish pieces online or locally at Dillard’s, Versona and Jen’s Designer Deals.

Luckett’s favorite way to dress is over-the-top elegance. She recalls an incident early in dating her now-husband, Aaron. He invited her to dinner on the beach and suggested she dress comfortably. Luckett met him at the door dressed in what she describes as a “really, nice, elegant dress” because that is the style she is most comfortable wearing.

“I’ve always been a girly girl. While I love classic business dresses, it’s a lot of fun to be able to dress elegantly,” she said.

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