Feb 1, 2024
Cover Stories

Victoria Baldwin: Stitching up Style

When Victoria Baldwin was a little girl, she watched her mother sew. Then as a student at Washington High School, she learned more stitchery from her teacher, Mrs. Law, who sewed all of Roy Jones’ boxing garments. So while sewing was a lifelong interest for Baldwin, her plunge into it as a business happened suddenly.

“I was kind of thrown into it as a profession. I created a custom dress for a good friend’s Great-Gatsby-themed birthday party, and let’s just say it was a hit! I’ve been sewing for the public ever since.” Despite her cottage industry, Baldwin spent many years working in collections for a local financial institution, “a far cry from fashion,” she mused.

About nine months ago, she opened her shop, Slimflyy, and has been selling, styling and sewing there ever since.

“My specialty is custom gowns,” said Baldwin, noting that she creates a lot of prom and special occasion dresses, drawing inspiration from other cultures and cities when she travels. “I offer alterations, tailoring, embroidery ... I also have a small boutique inside the showroom. I hand curate this collection that I launch every four to six weeks. It includes clothing and accessories. I also provide wardrobe styling,” said the East Hill native.